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Cathedral Basilica OLOP
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Diocese of Honolulu
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Cathedral Basilica OLOP
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Diocese of Honolulu

Cathedral Basilica in the News

A story of pure grace
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 03/31/2021
The celebration of the 500th anniversary of the introduction of the Catholic faith to the Philippines is really a global one, marking an event that has come to grace the world over, including, in large measure, Hawaii.

Cathedral basilica Mass will commemorate 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 03/04/2021
As we gather for the 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines — Hawaii Celebration, it is with joy that we recall the Philippine archipelago being discovered by Europeans on March 16, 1521, because thereafter was the story of the spread of Christianity in the country, thanks to the first Spanish missionaries.
Bishop says St. Marianne Cope made leap of faith to follow God’s call
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 02/03/2021
Borrowing from the brief Gospel passage from Mark in which people around Jesus, alarmed by his actions, were saying, “He is out of his mind,” Bishop Larry Silva said that St. Marianne of Molokai must also have been considered a little crazy.
St. Marianne’s royal Hawaiian medal to be presented to diocese
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 01/20/2021
An honor out of Hawaii’s royal past to Molokai’s St. Marianne Cope will be handed over to Bishop Larry Silva and the Diocese of Honolulu for display and safekeeping inside the saint’s reliquary in the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace.
10 cathedral columns getting marbleized makeover
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 09/30/2020
The large interior columns of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace are being blocked off for three months as each undergoes repair and a fancy paint job that will help restore the look of the historic church back to an earlier time.
Fellowship in times of isolation
Hawaii Catholic Herald |04/30/2020 Reprinted with permission from EverGreene Architectural Arts
Father Damien of Molokai and Mother Marianne of Molokai, were natives of Belgium and Germany respectively, but are best known for their care of lepers (sufferers of Hansen’s disease) of the Kalaupapa settlement.
New portraits of Hawaii’s saints stand out above the cathedral’s altar
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 12/26/2019
Two new faces can be seen in the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. Specially commissioned portraits of St. Marianne Cope and St. Damien de Veuster went up in December on each side of the crucifixion scene on the high altar.
Cathedral’s renewal proceeds
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 11/13/2019
The sanctuary of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace will sparkle for Christmas and unveil two presents — larger than life full-length portraits of Hawaii’s two saints — all part of phase 2C of the historic church’s ongoing restoration.
St. Damien, imitating Jesus, ‘crossed barriers,’ Bishop Silva said
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 10/31/2019
Bishop Larry Silva began his homily for the evening Mass Oct. 11 marking the 10th anniversary of St. Damien’s canonization by describing an outhouse.
With each step of restoration, cathedral improves fire safety
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 05/01/2019
As people worldwide watched in horror as flames engulfed the roof and spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris April 15, in Hawaii one couldn’t help but wonder, and worry, about our own historic cathedral and its flammable potential.
Cathedral’s capital campaign wins international stewardship award
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 02/21/2019
The $15 million capital campaign to renovate the 175-year-old Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace received an award last fall from the International Catholic Stewardship Council, an organization that promotes Christian stewardship and Catholic philanthropy.
Cathedral echoes with Japanese delegation’s prayers for world peace
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 12/27/2018
The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace reverberated with Buddhist, Shinto and Christian chanting Dec. 5 as nearly 100 members of a visiting Japanese delegation dedicated to praying for world peace began its 40th anniversary conference in Hawaii.
Built of ‘living stones’
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/22/2018
The church is metaphorically described as built of “living stones” — the faithful, with Christ as the foundation.
The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, constructed of coral blocks cut from the reef off Kakaako, can come close to making that claim literally, as the blocks are the remains of living creatures.
Cathedral to mark 175th with Mass in renovated sanctuary
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/08/2018
The diocese will celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace with the blessing of the church’s renovated sanctuary at a 6 p.m. Mass, Aug. 16, celebrated by Bishop Larry Silva. The actual anniversary is a day earlier, Aug. 15. The church was dedicated in 1843.
Cathedral sanctuary: stripped
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/08/2018
If these coral walls could talk, they would share stories of Hawaii’s saints, faith-filled families and generations of God’s great work.
The history of Catholicism’s mother church in Hawaii
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/08/2018
Compiled from the writing of Father Louis H. Yim, Sacred Hearts Father Robert Schoofs and the website of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
MARIANNE COPE | 1838-1918: 100th anniversary of her death
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 07/25/2018
The death of St. Marianne of Molokai on Aug. 9 100 years ago was met with outpourings of sorrow and acclaim for her selfless devotion to the Hawaiian people.
Cleaned and restored, stained glass windows reinstalled in cathedral
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 06/27/2018
Four stained glass windows were reinstalled in the sanctuary of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace on June 18 after being sent to Omaha, Nebraska, for repairs and refurbishment. Mark Lambrecht of Lambrecht Studios, who did the stained glass restoration, was on hand to oversee the windows’ installations.
Cathedral has been confirming 2nd graders for 26 years
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 05/03/2018
While 32 Hawaii parishes are preparing this month to give the sacrament of confirmation to students in the second grade, one parish has been doing it for 26 years.
Cathedral restoration begins phase 2: the sanctuary
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 02/08/2018
Construction workers built a temporary 16-foot high white wall in the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in January to block off the sanctuary, the focus of “phase two” of the ongoing $15 million restoration of the 175-year-old church.
The long history of Honolulu’s cathedral has seen many changes
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/24/2017
Honolulu’s Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace on the Fort Street Mall is undergoing a major restoration in preparation for the 175th anniversary of its dedication next year Aug. 15.
Cathedral soon to begin second phase of its restoration
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 06/29/2017
Workers will erect a plywood wall in September to block off more than third of the interior worship space of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace as part of “Phase 2,” the next major stage in the church’s renovation.
400 gather in cathedral to mark 75th anniversary of diocese
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 09/21/2016
Catherine Hughes got a better seat this time — inside the church — for the Mass celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Diocese of Honolulu Sept. 10 in the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace.
Cathedral campaign renews ‘living church,’ not a museum
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/24/2016
“This is not just a museum building, this is a living church.”
Father Gary Secor, rector of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, explains in a new short promotional video the significance of the iconic downtown Honolulu landmark. As the film rolls with stunning images of the historic worship space, Father Secor, who is also the diocese’s vicar general, asks for the community’s help in keeping the cathedral alive.
‘Where saints have walked’: Mass of Thanksgiving celebrates the cathedral’s new basilica status
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 10/24/2014
“Have you ever looked at the ceiling of this magnificent cathedral,” Bishop Larry Silva asked those gathered in Hawaii’s mother church the morning of Oct. 11, causing the congregation to aim their eyes upward.
Reflections on the elevation of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace to the status of minor basilica
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 10/24/2014
Many Catholic churches are noted for their historic, liturgical and architectural excellence. Some are given the special papal honor of being named basilicas.
The ‘mana’ of St. Marianne: Saint’s remains welcomed home
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/15/2014
The mortal remains of St. Marianne Cope found a final resting place in Honolulu’s Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace July 31, welcomed back in an exuberant two-and-a-half hour celebration of prayers, songs, gestures, reflections, dance, flowers and incense.
Vatican honors Honolulu cathedral with status of ‘minor basilica’
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/01/2014
The Vatican has given Honolulu’s Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace the honorary title of “minor basilica” in recognition of its historic and spiritual significance.
Leis, songs, kisses welcome back St. Marianne to Isles
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 08/01/2014
St. Marianne’s remains were welcomed back to Hawaii on July 27 in Island fashion, with leis, songs and kisses, at the United Airlines freight facility shortly after their 3:15 p.m. arrival on United Flight 15 from Newark, N.J.
St. Marianne: Arrival from Syracuse, a second and final time
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 07/18/2014
St. Marianne Cope’s remains will return to Hawaii to be enshrined in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace nearly a decade after they were exhumed in Kalaupapa to rest at her motherhouse in Syracuse.
St. Marianne’s remains returning to Hawaii to stay
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 06/20/2014
St. Marianne is returning to Hawaii. The bones of the renowned Franciscan missionary, unearthed from her Kalaupapa resting place in 2005 and sent to her shrine in Syracuse, N.Y., in preparation for her beatification that year, will come back to the Islands next month to reside permanently in Honolulu’s Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace.
Remains of St. Marianne to return to Hawaii
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 01/03/2014
The relics will be kept in a small reliquary chapel that will be added to the mauka side of the cathedral as part of the ongoing renovation of the 173-year-old church. The chapel will also house a relic of St. Damien de Veuster.
Cathedral launching campaign to raise $15 million for renovation
Hawaii Catholic Herald | 07/19/2013
The Cathedral Renewal Campaign, an initiative to raise funds for the renovation of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and to reinvigorate its parish and school programs, is being launched July 20-21 at the downtown Honolulu church.